Monday, April 27, 2015

Bridging a Community: A New Coat of Paint

Bridging a Community

 A source of pride for the town of Medicine Park is Bath Lake, Medicine Creek and its surrounds looking very much like it did when the town was a private resort back in first part of the 20th century. What you see today is a faithful reconstruction built to match the original thanks to the efforts of those arriving on the scene in the 1980s and 1990s. Two of those reconstructions are the walking bridges, the one to the island (a project directed by Charley Wright) and the Curtis Davis Bridge spanning Medicine Creek named in honor of Candace McCoy's dad who owned much of what was Medicine Park back in the 60s. Read more...

The town Medicine Park, all 400+ of us, has as many opinions as it has citizens and on how things ought to be run with more ideas than you can throw a cobblestone at on how to add to the already entertaining and inspiring list of town events.  Despite our individual dissimilarities, what we have in common is that WE LOVE THIS TOWN. 

It is amazing that we make it through all the chatter and on occasion concurrent events unscathed. But when the call goes out asking for volunteers people show up. *(That's how my husband and I got roped in to join The Medicine Park Marauders street theatre. But thats a whole other story) Three months ago Planning and Preservation began hatching a plan to paint our walking bridges. Chairperson Barbara Boguski made it her "mission" to get 'er done.  It takes time to secure donations for the paint and to make sure all the proper rules are in place to protect the environment. 

After having to cancel due to weather the group gathered on Saturday April 25th morning around 9:00 am. They eagerly grabbed up paint rollers and brushes and set to work. The Base Camp Adventure Outfitters lent their boards so a few of the guys could paint the island bridge. All and all the first coat of paint was complete by about 3:30 PM thanks to approximately 20 volunteers which is what would squeeze on to the Curtis Davis. 

I was not part of this volunteer project but I was there to applaud the paint splattered workers when they arrived at the Tavern for some refreshment and to listen to live music. (I believe me not being there, left room for more skilled and efficient painters)

When visitors/tourist come they are struck by the beauty of it all, both the natural stream and the historic manmade structures around the town and how it is well maintained. They take it for granted, this place of beauty. Once overheard was a visitors asking if the resort was open all year round. They just needed to ask a Parkie.

Check out Josh Rouse's article in the Lawton Constitution for more of the 

*the Medicine Park Marauders 2003 to 2013 are now disbanded

Photo credits: Shelly Cope, Jennifer Ellis, Dale Rouke Nomura, Toni Capra and Muriel Fahrion

Friday, April 10, 2015

April Fools Mountain Bike Festival!!

The whole town and SW Oklahoma and beyond are excited about the April Fools Mountain Bike Festival!!!! Saturday April 11 night starting at 5:00 with Rodney Whaley and capping off the evening starting approx. 9:00 with the Andy Frasco and the U.N. Band!

Just a note that on Sunday Morning April the 12 the main streets of Medicine Park will be blocked off to allow the bikers to participate in the races starting at 9:00 AM. The streets will reopen around 1:00 PM. You can park your car at several spots around town and walk to watch the event if you wish. Don't forget the awesome music and celebration 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

2 New Native American Businesses Open in Medicine Park.

To add to the unique shopping experience in Medicine Park, the town is lucky to have two top quality new (to the town) businesses that specialize in exclusive artist designed wear, artwork and accessories.

Intertribal Visions Unlimited is the home of Art Director/President Travis Komahcheet and Tim Saupitty Studio. Currently they feature Native American themed t shirts with original art. Newly opened they plan expand their offerings in the coming months. They are located across the street from Cobblestone Row on East Lake. They come with experience also having a shop in Lawton. Check out their website.

Comanche Shirt Company features original designs silk screened on to shirts. Both the designs and the shirts are of high quality. Prints and accessories are also available. Besides Native American themed items they also focus on Medicine Park exclusive designs. Located just around the corner from the Park Tavern the 4 shops up street in a historic cobblestone. Check out their website.

Owners of both shops are excited to have landed in Medicine Park. They offer the ability to custom make items for the other shops and enterprises in town and for individuals throughout the area.

Please stop in and browse and talk to the owners/ operators. I was glad we did.

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