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Monday, March 23, 2015

Music, Art and Fun Events Medicine Park

Fools Dozen Mountain Bike Festival 

Friday - Saturday - Sunday / April 10, 11 & 12

Yep, it's official!! Andy Frasco and the U.N. Band will be rocking our April Fools Mountain Bike Festival!!!! It's gonna be awesome! These guys THROW DOWN! They'll be playing Saturday night after all the group rides get done, so make sure you're doesn't matter if you ride or not, you gotta see these guys! Big props to Dwight Cope (the coolest mayor in the world!) for helping to set this up!

Play Great Blue Grass and They Will Come

If a Music Event is measured by the joy it produces the Park Stomp 2015 came out a winner.  It is also happens to be my favorite Medicine Park music event (I wouldn't miss the others either). Living in town affords me the oppurtunity of deciding what bands, performers I want to hear in any given year and then go home walk the dogs or just take a break and come back for more. No I didn't see them all but I do get to more than half.

It was also fun to have a backdrop of the V-Dub competiors in town that gave the event a nostalgic tie dye vibe. It is the second year for the V-Dubs but much bigger with 80 entries. 80 entries seems just right. I haven't seen that many VW's since a Greatful Dead concert in Chicago. 

It all started friday night for me as I listened to the  Matchsellers a talented duo who appeared on the Park Tavern stage against a backdrop of a gorgeous sunset. Fiddle player showed her range from rollicking and complex fiddle playing to classical. Together the duo kept the music varied and fun. 

A new one for me to hear in the arena of Ozark style bluegrass was Chuckie Waggs. Good foot stompin' get-out-there dance sounds with original clever honest and straight forward lyrics. Their CDs were in a box. Honor system $10 in a jar. It was our souvenir to remember Park Stomp 2015.

Then there was the surprising deep gravely voice of Tyler Gregory voice booming off the granite rocks of the Park telling stories with a Tom Waits griittieness. Mesmerizing.

I missed a few, like Tyrannasoris Chicken, Amazing, was the review of those who caught their act. Luckily I have seen them several times over the years. Foley's Van (I bought their CD last year) played some with Chucky Waggs and then transitioned to their performance time. I love the fusion of both bands together but had to leave before they came on. 

Steamboat Bandits...  What they added to the mix was the blending of several voices and variety of instruments in a progressive blue grass style. There were solos by three of the members. They did original as well as cover songs. A surprising cover was "Atlantic City" by Bruce Springstien with their original blue grass interpretation.

The Big Idea... Grunge + Blue grass produced some rowdy music. Instrumentation was excellent. Liked seeing the percussionist upfront and center. 

What can I say about The Calamity Cubes? When there was a snafu with the sound system they rolled with the punches jumped off the stage had every one gather around and did their crazy thing. The had to be the most animated group I've every witnessed especially the base player. What a hoot. They too were storytellers. One of my favorite was the story of the Civil War from both sides soldiers writing love letters during the conflict.

As a side note I got to sit down with some band members at the Tavern. One of the things I love about Park Stomp and music in general is that the talent is so assessible to be able to thank them in person and chat a bit after a show. 

The audience was just what you want. People ready to enjoy the music. All ages from boomers like myself to moms carrying their new babies. Really enjoyed watching the moms, dads, grandparents dancing with their kids. The town was vibrant and the streets a buzz with numerous venders at the ready. 

Last but not least is a thanks to Mayor Cope and his team for putting this together with what I feel was one the best gathering of Ozark (and beyond) blue grass talent.

Please feel free to leave a comment especially if it was some band that I missed. I do review comments before posting.
John Deere meets Tie Dye

The Matchsellers

Tyler Gregory


Friday, January 23, 2015

The Park Stomp! Foot Stompin' Heartland Blue Grass FREE!

One of the most fun musical events you can experience! You know if Mayor Cope and cohorts are behind it, you know it will be a blast. I have gone every year and every year I come home with a new favorite. Last year it was Foley's Van. Previous years it has been Tyrannosaurus Chicken. There is a bunch of new bands in the line-up and I know I will come home loving some of them. So FREE! you can't beat that. The town does appreciate it when buy food, beverages and souvenirs from our vendors and shops. Mid-March usually offers up some of the most favorable weather as well. If you are considering coming you might want to book a room. Sleep-Inn of Lawton is one of our sponsors and of course there are a fabulous local inns and cabins. 

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