Friday, January 22, 2016

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Medicine Park Posts Unplugged

This my friends, readers and Medicine Park Posts followers is my last post that connects to should still be considered your go-to for myriad of official park information.

I have written posts since 2007. Yes 8 years of posts even before existed. I wanted my posts to be informational, entertaining and relavent . A change is in the wind and that change is Facebook. Medicine Park has two very strong Facebook pages going for it. The most visited is Medicine Park, OK Fun. all Parkies, friends of the Park are welcomed. The second is Medicine Park, Oklahoma Information. Then there are a number of Facebook pages for Medicine Park individual events. For instance Medicine Park Art Walk.

By just typing in "Medicine Park" in the Facebook search line a number of sites will pop up. 

When I began the Blog there wasn't a Facebook.  I realized last year that my Blog does not draw as many people to it as the Facebook pages. Untethered from I will continue to post to Medicine Park BLOG.  I could not get the name when I began my blog but now I have it. Stop in and see what Medicine Park specific things I'm covering. Thanks for reading and commenting for all these years.

Best Regards

Muriel Fahrion Editor.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Park Tavern Under New Ownership

Jeannette and Bill Patty, Penny and Tom Zynda have ended their ownership of the Park Tavern. They have been running the Tavern since 1997 and have built its reputation as being a welcoming place of fun and camaraderie. They are pleased to see the new owners step in and call it their own. We (the town of Medicine Park), the hundreds of visitors that frequented from Oklahoma and beyond and musicians who played there are most thankful their hospitality.

The Park Tavern will open up Friday Night (3 July) under new ownership (McBride Family). These are REALLY nice folks! Everyone is looking forward to well established Park Tavern continuing to be a cool place to hang out.  
Come out, grab a cold one and introduce yourselves to the McBride Family!!
I see a new watering hole for Citizens, Friends and neighbors of Medicine Park.....hope we can park all the cars!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Red Dirt Ball • May 22 thru 24

The Red Dirt Ball • May 22 - 24 

Come and you'll be in for a whole lot of good music and fun!

Hard to believe this is the 6th Red Dirt Ball! I've been to all and it never disappoints. This year there is 5 different stages with music. I recommend you print out the schedule or have it on your smart phones. 

You can't miss that it is FREE! NO ice chests or coolers will be allowed. There are plenty of reasonably priced venders. Parking can found off of HWY 49. With golf cart transport if you need it. (It is 1/4 mile from the stage). If you want a comfortable seat I suggest you bring your own lawn chairs otherwise it is standing room or a few empty benches. "Sleep Inn" is offering special rates and shuttle to and from. 

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